Fragrance Applications

With over a century of terpene experience and knowledge, our products can be found across a broad array of market segments. Symrise functionally fragranced ingredients are used by some of the world's best known brands in beauty and body care products, as well as many everyday household products. Our terpene based products are derived from renewable and sustainable feedstocks and deliver natural fragrances which are brand critical.

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    Cosmetics benefit from the ability to include specialty fragrance ingredients to their formulations with a wide variety of choices across the entire family of olfactive aromas.

F&F Intermediates


    F&F Intermediates are essential ingredients used to distinguish personal care and fine fragrances in the marketplace. Symrise F&F Intermediate products include Dihydromyrcene which offers a herbal, citrus, terpenic odor; and Myrcene Extra which offers a pleasantly herbaceous, spicy and balsamic odor.

Fine Fragrances


    Symrise blends art and science to create fragrances that excite consumers in a diverse and dynamically changing market. Our team of perfumers and chemists use renewable ingredients from natural extractions to deliver palettes that enliven fragrance products. We collaborate with global brands to deliver new experiences through the innovative use of natural ingredients and fragrance production processes.

Home Care


    Whether it's included in detergents, sprays, or other cleaning and care products, fragrance delivers a sense of cleanliness and purpose to the user. In addition, product manufacturers rely on carefully crafted fragrances by Symrise to define and differentiate their home care products with the consumer, building familiarity and trust.

Laundry Care


    Fragrance is a critical component of laundry care products and imparts a brand personality to the final product and sense of freshness. Symrise fragrance ingredients are utilized as key components to products including powders, liquids and tablets, across the broad spectrum of laundry applications .

Personal Care


    Symrise offers a diverse list of essential ingredients used in a variety of personal care applications including cosmetics, creams and lotions, body and hair wash products, as well as depilatory wax. Our ingredients deliver a wide range of functionalities and sensations that are critical for the performance of the final product. We are continuously seeking to create innovative ingredients catering to the ever-changing needs of the personal care markets.

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